Białołęka Cultural Centre is one of the biggest cultural institutions in Mazowsze region.  One can find us on cultural map of Warsaw for almost 17 years, and since 2005 we occupy modern building at 1 Van Gogh Street.

Our centre is open for children, youth and adult theatre groups as well as dancers, students, parents and seniors. We stay friendly and open for needs of residents of the neighbourhood, who finally have the place where they can carry out their original ideas and initiatives.
Together with associations, foundations and schools operating in Białołęka district we create projects for the local community. The Centre holds theatrical performances, concerts, recitals, cabaret shows and events.

We fulfil our mission by creating interesting artistic departments. Our outstanding offer includes music, acting, dance and art classes as well as foreign language courses.

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We are a young and dynamic team of people whose hearts are open to the whole world, we are full of passion and have artistic souls, our heads are full of ideas. With passion, commitment and dedication we create projects and programs in the sphere of the broadly defined culture.
We do it for you - for Białołęka Residents!
Ready for creative pursuits, open to new ideas, but aware of our history, of what defines us, we constantly improve our competence in order to meet your expectations.
We invite you to share this mission! To create our Cultural Centre!


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